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the   sorrows  of  young  werther  was written by the famous german author goethe. the story was based on his own experiences of her adolescence. it is a dairy form so as to fully    represent the changes of werther’s  inner world .

werther happened to meet lotte and then he fell in love with the engaged girl lotte secretly at once. lotte was a very beautiful ,charming and kind-hearted girl,and his fiance was a handsome, honest gentleman. werther and lotte became good friend, but werther dared not to speak out his admiration to her ,because he didn’t want to separate the doomed couple and he didn’t think he deserved her love for his not being good enough. but werther loved lotte so much that he went to the parties and activities that lotte participated. every time he had the impulse to tell his love to her, but then he saw the fiance, and he swallowed the words. time after time, he became more and more upset, and the more upset he was , he thought even more of his upset and gave him more sorrows.he felt like a  little hopeless and lonely mouse.

then he went away from his hometown and lotte to be a minister in somewhere else ,he wanted to get away from the sorrows. then he was in a legation .but the life was not the same as he thought, he always be looked down on by the nobility and the gentry as he was not rich and he was not in  the high status. apart from that, he found himself totally different from the count who employed him. so he went back to the little village.

the things there was worse than before, one of the two boys he drew picture for was dead, lotte was married .he thought that the whole world was filled with bad things. he became desperate of life. several days before christmas, he went to lotte’s place and hugged and kissed her deeply after reading a book. two days later, after he ended his suicide note to lotte ,midnight came, he shot himself with his sorrows.

after reading this novel,i felt sorry about werther .did werther  have to die? was werther must be so upset? can’t he just say out his love to lotte?

only when a man goes back to the beginning ,will he unhappily turned to admit he was lost. werther was lost in the world of love, he couldn’t go out, he couldn’t stop loving lotte. he didn’t know to find another road ,he indulged himself in his sorrows. nobody can help him, nobody can save him.he should learn how to control himself, he should learn how to get out of the upset feelings and think more about the much better things in th e world. but he didn’t ,so we should learn the things and control ourselves. we admire his love, but we can’t admire his suicide. he killed himself ,and also killed his love. after the death, his love came to be a history, it never can came ture. love should be much stronger, and so do our hearts. when we know our love can’t be accepted ,we should say ”congratulations and good luck” to the one we love, because to love is not to make her yours but to make her feel happy. some says love makes people stupid, maybe werther is the one he describes, but we shouldn’t be like that. we should keep cool and calm with love, then we can make the best choice, and then we’ll never say regret to ourselves.

werther had love , and we know love is the most amazing thing in the whole world ,but why didn’t dare to say his love out ?the cause is the feudal thought, the people at the time couldn’t put up with  his love to an engaged woman. besides this, why he was looked down by the  nobility and the gentry ?the cause is also the feudal thought, so the feudal thought is the killer in some sense. we should fight against the  feudal thought like goethe .

werther was so kind that he didn’t want to break up the relationship between lotte and his fiance. he always thought about the others, like the boys he ever drew pictures for, like lotte. but then he found there is barely anybody care about him, he felt this world was  full of crulty. no one could really heart and soul thought of him. his love to others was useless. the was a crul and cool world. he felt alone and lonely ,he couldn’t find some one he could depend on including lotte—the one he loved most. hopelessness and helplessness came to his mind ,and then death, suicide.

the before , now ,the future are the forever ever topics we are talking about. which one should we focus on mostly? werther concentrate on the former days, he always thought about the upset and unhappy things once and again. he found more sorrows from one. and then more and more sorrows came up, these sorrows made him kill himself. so we should think more about the nowadays time and the future, especially the future, we can find more hope than hopelessness from the future. the lost days are just gone, we have no opportunity to think about them.

at last, i think werther is a kind-hearted, loving, treasonous man, he pursues individual liberation, he hopes to get love and happiness, he loves life ,he loves adolescence. but because of his own character and the cool world he lives in, he can’t get what he deserves to get, what he  has got is just loneliness, hopelessness, helplessness, sorrows and at last death. so he is also a poor and pitiful  one. i often feels sorry for him.

the novel is not a long one, nor a  hardly understood one. goethe use the least ,best ,and also simplest words to make  the best and  most famous novel, what he gave us is more than werther’s sorrows, but  also the thoughts the book brought to us. we should be grateful to him and his book and we should also be grateful to the world we live in .besides this ,we’d better think more about the future instead of the lost days. always remember the experience of  werther, then we may be more sane to make the best choice in our own lives. and so we can avoid hurting ourselves or the people we love. we will make the world to be a better one.



















" the sorrows of young werther" is about a full of wit, love nature of young werther, alone a person to the castle peak valley of dawn twilight, lu village, he could indulge in this fantastic natural scenery, be happy and pleased with oneself. this cozy days before long, victor at a ball met a beautiful young girl, charlotte, and deeply in love with her. but who also did not think of lotty had engaged, her loyalty to her cannot bring himself to love to victor. this is for the passionate victor a heavy blow, a series of problems attendant, he had to say goodbye to charlotte, unwilling to leave. in the corruption of the society, he hit the wall again, soul suffering and loss, he once again return to the original village. somewhere else! charlotte married, kind-hearted villager is a suffer misfortune, his despair, at ossie ‘s elegy, a pistol at his head … …

after reading this book, i sympathize with victor, also very understand why he was so upset. but i also understand a truth: in life, we meet regardless what troubles, what the setbacks, not like victor did choose to escape, the road of life can not be flat, not with an idyllic scene, we can never say never falling way, give up.

in life, we can not avoid defeat, only to face. it is important in frustration can persist, never give up, until the defeat setback. remember liu xiang unyielding speed, chinese women’s volleyball team unyielding indomitable, edison unyielding courage? they have a common characteristic, it is believed that setbacks are part of life test. all of this tells us, never give up is a kind of character, is one kind of indomitable spirit, unyielding man.

" the sorrows of young werther" is a good book, after reading this book, will be subjected to a baptism of the soul!



werther has the wisdom, has the ideal, has the emotion, has the fervor, has a sense of justice, has rebels against the spirit, has the aloof life manner, deeply loves the nature, deeply loves the life.

i worship the werther, i may understand the werther, although i always believed that the suicide is not the only means that but i must maintain specially the example, does looks like his such one to have the wisdom, has the ideal, has the emotion, has the fervor, has a sense of justice, has rebels against the spirit, has the aloof life manner, deeply loves the nature, deeply loves the life young people.

“love precious, is in the world anything is unable with it to place on a par, this is without a doubt.”


this is what made goethe’s name. it is the best epistolary novel ever alongside “dangerous liaisons”。 it is moving, semi-autobiographical, tear-jerking, shocking and romantic. the protagonist werther is a melancholic man who falls in love with the wife of another man, called charlotte. their relationship can never be consummated and despite his attempts to flee he is drawn back to her again. eventually he can take no more after he has stolen a kiss and orders for her husband’s guns saying that he is going on a journey and shoots himself in the head. this brought a real fever to eighteenth century germany, with young men dressing the way werther does and shooting themselves. history shows that this is a great book and you cannot afford not to read it.



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